I’m stumped. I really am. I’m speechless. People are so touchy. It’s jealousy. Gotta be. This idea is so huge. It’s just so God damned big. And people seem stunned that I, a Jew came up with it. Please, who else is gonna come up with an idea this brilliant? I ask you. Because this is more than just an idea. This is genius, if I may say so myself, and who’s gonna stop me? I mean, honestly, who among us has not wanted at one time or another to don the power of life and death, slip on the absolute feeling of superiority, and wear the fabulous uniform of a Nazi. Everybody in their dark secret heart wants to be a Nazi. That’s why I came up with NaziLand. To embrace the Nazi within. And the thing that people can’t seem to understand, is that it’s not real. That wouldn’t be the smell of real Jews coming from the ovens. The gold fillings wouldn’t be yanked from real Jews. The sex slaves wouldn’t be real. They’d all be actors. Like at a Renaissance Fayre, or Disneyland. It’s just good clean fun for the whole family. For a nominal fee you get to put on the uniform, the swastica, those big black boots, and strut around like you’re a member of the Master Race. Have someone to blame for all your problems. There’d be the Oven Ride, the Hall of Scientific Experiments, the Blitzkrieg Rollercoaster. I honestly believe if everyone came to NaziLand for a day, it would ease world tension and bring about a lasting peace among all nations. Instead of harboring wicked fantasies of domination and genocide, which let’s face it, all of us do, people could act these feelings out, and through this cathartic release, build a world where love can flourish, and hatred find appropriate release. I’m telling you, this kind of investment comes along once in a lifetime. You’ll kick yourself later if you pass up the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Sieg Heil, and Mazeltov, baby!