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olive has really discovered how to smile, and apparently she enjoys doing itvery much.  She had her first Thanksgiving at her grandfather’s birthday party.  Everyone was very nice to her.  She seemed to have a very good time.  At one point on the trip back in the car, she woke up and went absolutely berserk.  A whole new level of insanity, this death rattle of the scream that shrieks from the depths of her up her lungs shoots through her throat rattles off the top of her skull and careens out horrifically.  In a small enclosed spaces like a car it makes you feel like plucking your eyes out. Arielle wanted to stop the car and comfort her.  I said, just let her scream for a minute and see what happens.  It’s okay to be furious at the world.  It’s a very natural reaction to the human condition.  Let’s see if she can figure out how to calm herself down.  Sure enough about three minutes later she was asleep, and slept the whole rest of the trip.  Being responsible for another human being’s existence makes for a series of seemingly life altering decisions every day.it‘s not dull.  And when she smiles in my face it’s like the universe is a rose opening just for me.