Putting Your Passion Into Print is finally, after three years of intensive labor, a bouncing baby book.  We’re going on a massive 25 city tour starting on Tuesday in Seattle at Elliot Bay Books, and we don’t really finish until mid-November at the Miami Book Festival.  www.passionintoprint.com is finally up and running, too, which is mad cool.  It’s extremely exctiing, but it all kind of pales as I watch the crazy devistation unleashed by an apparently very angry Mother Earth.  My SO asked me this morning, after a vigorous session of fucking/lovemaking (CG, RCG, PSE, as well as the Wife and Fiancee Experience), "Why are these people looting and shooting and raping and robbing?"  I said, "Baby, there’s a reason we’ve created angels and devils, cuz there’s evil in people, and suffering seems to bring that out."  Springsteen has a line in a song about a killer, "They wanna know why I did what I done, Sir I guess there’s just an evil in this world."  That seems as good an explanation as any.  I’m REALLY glad though, that Bush is so busy with his War for Oil, or whatever he’s calling it today.  He looked so lame and uninspired addressing the nation.  What a pathetic time this is, when we’ve chosen a fuckwad aristocratic meglamaniac greedy bastard lackey of the rich to be our puppet leader.  My heart and soul goes out to all those poor victims whose houses were washed away in the Great Flood.