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PITCHAPALOOZA Main Point Books: September 21, 3PM


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PITCHAPALOOZA South Dakota Festival of Books: September 26, 2PM

South Dakota Festival of Books
Holiday Inn, Skyline
Sioux Falls, SD
2:00-3:30 PM

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David Henry Sterry

Smart Smut: Litquake: San Francisco October 16, 8PM

Smart Smut: A Celebration of Baghdad By the Bay Doing the Nasty
San Francisco, CA
October 16, 8PM

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Jonestown, Kids, Gorillas & Tragic Death: Fred D’Aguiar & Children of Paradise

To read on-line click here. I’ve long been fascinated by the events surrounding the Jonestown tragedy. I’m particularly interested, as a parent, in what would lead someone to poison their own child. It seems unthinkable. And yet we all know it happened. So I was drawn to Children of Paradise, and I found the treatment […]

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Slashed Reads Interview on Making Yourself a Better Writer by Having Lots of Great Sex

To you the interview on Slashed Reads, click here. David Henry Sterry is the author of Mort Morte, an absurd, hilarious, tragic and disturbingly haunting comedy published by Vagabondage Press in January 2013. David is the author of 16 books and a finalist for the Henry Miller Award. What is your book about? On my third […]

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Give a Gift to Yourself or the Writer in Your Life-Free 20 Min. Consultation

A free 20 minute consultation w/ the Book Doctors. We can change your publishing life in 2o minutes! We have helped hundreds of writers go from being talented amateurs to professionally published authors. Click here to buy & send proof of purchase to sterryhead@gmail.com. “You guys!!  Thank you for that phenomenal all-day session at Stanford […]

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Mort Morte Review: “Absurd, hilarious and tragic”

“By turns absurd, hilarious and tragic, Mort Morte tells the story of Mordechai Murgatroyd Morte, a young man who follows his mother through her unfortunate marriages to several physically and sexually abusive men.” Buy the book here.

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Books, Dexter, Rejection, Art, Masturbation, Good Sex, Bad Sex

Interview from the Dan O’Brien Project Tell us about your most recent release. My new book is Mort Morte, with beautiful pictures by Alain Pilon. On my third birthday, my father, in an attempt to get me to stop sucking my thumb, gave me a gun. “Today son, you are a man,” he said, snatching […]

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Mort Morte: Reminds me of Lolita, Catcher in the Rye, Full Metal Jacket, Alice in Wonderland”

“If you want a life of suffering, just say yes.”

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WORD Bookstore: We Love You

WORD bookstore in Brooklyn is a fantastic bookstore. We had a lovely Art of the Novel event. Thanks to Jenn!

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“Mort Morte: A beautiful coming-of-age story that’s frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious.”

On my third birthday, my father, in an attempt to get me to stop sucking my thumb, gave me a gun. “Today son, you are a man,” he said, snatching the little blue binky from my little pink hand. So I shot him.

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The Book Doctors Interview Virginia Pye, First Time Novelist, on Writing, Writers Conferences, and How to Get Your Book Published

“I am completely biased towards writers and writing. I think there’s nothing better to do with one’s life.”

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Mort Morte: “Masterful, whimsical, laugh-out-loud hilarious!”

“Mort Morte by David Henry Sterry reads like an elegantly simple children’s book designed for adults.”

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Mort Morte: Post-Modern Fairy Tale about Young Serial Killer

“The plot is surreal, but somehow all too real! I was quickly sucked in and enjoyed the book.”

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Caroline Leavitt with The Book Doctors

Caroline Leavitt On Overcoming Nasty Writing Teachers, How to Write a Bestseller and Never Giving Up

Never give up, says Caroline Leavitt.

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David Henry Sterry on Salon: How Writing a Book Led to the Love of my Life

My first piece on Salon.  Thanks to Arielle Eckstut. To read on Salon click here:  http://www.salon.com/2013/02/14/i_wrote_my_way_to_true_love/ “You should stop writing these stupid movie scripts and write about your life, it’s so much more interesting.” Janine, my hypnotherapist, was not being unkind. She just had no filter. And she was right. That was the most infuriating […]

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Morte Morte Movie

I’m proud to announce that the first book I ever wrote, which I started 20 years ago, is finally coming out.  I’m very proud of this book, and the sublime illustrations by one of my favorite artists, Alain Pilon.  But perhaps more importantly, this is the book that led me to the love of my […]

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