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Photo of Jeannie Zokan

Jeannie Zokan on NaNoWriMo, Aerial Yoga, the Existence of Pity, and Getting Published

We first met Jeannie Zokan several years ago when she was putting together her young adult novel. Years later, it’s become a piece of women’s fiction. The Existence of Pity is out now, so we picked Jeannie’s brain on her travels through the rocky seas of publication.

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Bobbi: My Constipated Fiancee – A Mini-Memoir

From Tamim Ansary’s website: Memory Pool.  This is a true story of one of my many fiancees.  Click here.

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Follow the trail of ravioli back to the old country as Beard Award winning writer Laura Schenone shows you how to make old school ravioli. Her book The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken is BRILLIANT!

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Chicken Staff Pick @ City Lights: “Hilarious & sad…serious thinking about family & sexuality & addiction.”

“Just published in its 10th anniversary edition, I’ve never read anything quite like this memoir.  David Henry Sterry performs a high-wire act in his vaudevilliain telling of life as a prostitute in 70s Hollywood.  Alternately sad and hilarious, Sterry provokes serious thinking about family, sexuality, and addiction.” Picked by Stacey Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young […]

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The Next Great Noir Crime Boss: Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock

“Don Corleone, Scarface, Twyin Lannister. How the Lord of Casserly Rock is the next in a long and glorious tradition of badass noir crime bosses.”

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