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Rosa Daneshvar smiling wearing a hat

A Muslim Who’s Lived In America For Decades Is Terrified

I work with Rosa Daneshvar, a wonderful writer who’s writing a novel about emigrating from the Middle East. We were talking about what’s happened to her, as this administration tries to ban Muslims, and I was horrified by what she told me. So I picked her brain about what it’s like living in the United States right now when your faith is under attack.

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Pelican Bay Inmates Hunger Strike to Protest Inhumane Solitary Confinement

When I first heard about the hunger strike, it was Facebook-ed, tweeted or Google+ed that there was going to be a massive noise-making demonstration in New York City to show the world the sick, twisted inhumane torture that’s going on right here in America. Yes, American citizens are being tortured by the United States government. […]

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The Glorious World Cup on NPR Weekend Edition

The glorious Liane Hansen talks to David Henry Sterry & Alan Black about vuvuzela, #1 Hottie Diego Forlan, and the future of the world http://n.pr/bMM9LR

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Donavan Leads America to the Promised landon – Glorious World Cup on Reuters


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The Glorious World Cup on Huffington Post: Live from South Africa: How the English Hate Themselves

Colin Powers, our man in South Africa, tells it like it is about the English. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-henry-sterry/live-from-south-africa-ho_b_620453.html a

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Huffington Post: An American in South Africa, Or: Why Soccer Really Matters

I interview Missoula’s own Gary Stein in South Africa. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-henry-sterry/an-american-in-south-afri_b_618870.html

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