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Master of Ceremonies


A rollicking, hyper-fast paced front row seat to the iconic late-night celebrity-studded party of 80s New York, Master of Ceremonies is the compelling and often tender true story of a fledgling actor whose first big break results in a two-year stint at the world’s most famous and hedonistic strip club.

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Acclaimed memoirist David Henry Sterry was at the center of the madness as the roller-skating emcee of the nightly beefcake parade at Chippendale’s. The wide-eyed boy who dreams of stardom is quickly disabused of his naiveté as he is witness to the nightly tableau of desperate housewives, bachelorettes gone wild, moviestar excess, and shocking sexual shenanigans. Ultimately, though, all great parties must come to an end, and the gangland style assassination of his boss, the man responsible for the phenomenal success of the beefcake boys, marked the beginning of the end of the party-all-the-time 80s in New York City. Master of Ceremonies is resplendent with seedy glamour, dirty little secrets, hilarious backstage madness and an unflinching honesty.


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