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David Henry Sterry Is In Best Sex Writing 2015

Cumming end of March. On Amazon Twitter: @BestSexWriters Facebook

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6 Word Memoir: Abuse, Redemption & Salvation

Raped, survived, self-medicated, hyponotherapized, wrote, redeemed                     I was alone in Hollywood & a very charismatic man wearing a shirt that said SEXY asked me to his place for a steak dinner. Most expensive meal of my life. Steak was drugged, he raped me, & destroyed […]

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Rainbow, the Hippie Yoga Chick Who Paid Me to Learn About Tantric Sex

From my new book Chicken Self:-Portrait of a Man for Rent, 10 Year Anniversary Edition  I was 17, studying existentialism at Immaculate Heart College, when I got sucked into the sex business in Hollywood.  I didn’t mean to.  It’s not like I thought, “I have no money, I have no family, I have no resources, […]

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What It’s Like to Get Hit By a Car on a Motorcycle

Weaving and gunning, he whipped it down Fell, timing it just right, so he hit the synchronized lights just as they changed, right on the edge of out-of-control. Divisidaro, Fillmore, Steiner flashed by: boom, boom, boom, George cruising Lili through each light as it turned green, one after another, like magic. Out of the corner […]

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Feel the Heat (LA Riot) Poem

It’s raining acid cats and three headed dogs Long live the rat with the monkey on its back Rock candy and salt water taffy and daffy And goofy and dopey and dopey and dopey Feel the heat fell the heat can you fell it can you fell it Amerika amerika god shed her tears on […]

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Dolores Has Lost her Clitoris

Dolores Has Lost her Clitoris words: d h sterry pictures: peter seward One Saturday morning Dolores Discovered she’d lost her clitoris. “Oh no! Oh my! Oh how can this be?” “How could I lose my clitoris? Seriously?”   Her breath got short and her eyes grew wide She panicked wobbly and shaky inside She looked […]

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Chlorine: A 101 Word Story About Murder & Beauty

Chlorine told me over breakfast that she was leaving me. She said she could never love someone with a face as average as mine. My worst fears confirmed, I wept and moaned inconsolably. Desperate, devastated, I wandered the streets until I found an astonishingly handsome man, and cut his face off with a very sharp […]

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Black Sheep, A Poem

Black Sheep Deep gray clouds shroud England in mist over Craggy moors flexing Their rugged muscles If you listen hard Enough you can Hear Heathcliff crying CAAAAAAAATHY White sheep graze glazed Chomp chomp chomping On all that green green grass A ewe sits on a stone wall Staring into the infinite Like a fleecy buddah […]

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All-American Erotica: 2 Inside Jennifer

2.  In Jennifer.   The picture in her mind made her melt into wet. William and Jennifer had discussed it.  Many times.  But neither thought the other could really go through with it. The sun felt good.  Blood hot.  Bones melting into wet.  Smell of coconut oil baking on warm skin.  Seasalty air floats on the […]

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All-American Erotica: Father James Sins with Mary

James  burned.  With Mary.  With God.  With the Devil.  With blood fever.  Lately Mary came to him every night.  Bathed in golden light.   Sweet Mary, dripping love, dropping down with the wings of an angel as he lay on his small hard bed, Jesus on the cross behind him bleeding for his sinning.  And he […]

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Modern American Male: A Poem

Given Half a Chance, the Modern American Male Will a) remain unconscious b) swim to the surface c) discuss black holes

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The Book Doctors Pitchapalooza Video: Surprise Teen Winner

This is a Video from when we did Pitchapalooza in our hometown, Montclair NJ.  Watch for surprise teenage winner.

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All-American Erotica: The New Coach Is Coming over & Gwen Is Wet

You know how you can feel someone staring at you?  That’s what Gwen was feeling.  It was the first day of soccer practice, and there’s someone staring at me, Gwen thought.  Then she turned around and caught him.  And he didn’t look away.  Neither did she.  Deep blue.  I’ve never seen eyes that deep and […]

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Goldman Sachs Resort & Casino

Goldman Sachs is proud to announce a consumer-enriching expansion from the hallowed halls of Wall Street to the glittering neon of Las Vegas.  In addition to continuing our world-class wealth-friendly Private Wealth Management and Personal Banking services; our internationally-recognized client-focused Global Investment Research services; our award-winning, growth-facilitating Debt Financing teams, we are excited to unveil […]

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Opening the Blind Eye — Who Are Child Predators and What Must Be Done to Stop Them

“There is a great looking chicken new to me on the swim team … he looks to be 14. Tall but built pretty well in his chest, and blonde and great smile. I fantasized about his asking me to help him get used to the jacuzzi naked.” This is from the diary of 61-year-old Judge, […]

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Me & Chippendales: Cokeheaded Porn Starlets, a Vulvic Volcano & Jesus in a G-string

My  opening night at Chippendales: Construction guy lipsynchs Is It Me You’re Looking for? he makes BBW sister swoon. Video book excerpt from Master of Ceremonies: a True Story of Love, Murder, Roller Skates & Chippendales   Buy the Book Press Release! Cherry Bleeds Interview! Great Review of Unzipped by The Independent 60 SECONDS: David […]

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Why I Took My Daughter to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

“I’m starving,” Olive announced one day last week is. She’s my daughter. She’s six. “You’re not starving,” I said, “you’re hungry.” Epiphany. Laugh-of-luxury child has no idea what it means to starve. To not eat. To be poor. Yes, she understands there are Poor People. But it’s an intellectual construct. Like knowing there are Emus […]

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Pin-Up Cheesecake: A Real Recipe

Light as a feather, yet valuable in hand-to-hand combat, this angelish devil of a cake is so gorgeous you’ll want to blow up a picture of it and stick it on your wall.  The key to making this work is to whip, stir and blend as much air as possible into this baby.  In the […]

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Chicken Gets Big Love from Publisher’s Weekly

“Ten years ago, this debut memoir from Sterry burst upon the literary scene with an energy and inventiveness that captured his little-known subject matter—teenage life in Los Angeles as a rent boy working for a benevolent pimp named Sunny whose “rich, generous, horny friends,” Sterry explains, “pay good money to party with a boy like me.” […]

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Me & Sally: A True-Life Interspecies Love Story

This is how I fell in love with Sally.  But this is not a love story.  It’s a tragedy.  Even though we were instantly drawn to each other with a fiery flame, and grew to love each other deeply, we could never be together.  We were too different.  Our people would never let us.  It […]

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From Chicken: When I Was a Birthday Present for an 82-year-old Grandmother

Excerpt from: Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent.  To buy the book click here. “David, I’ve got a fantastic job for you, Friday night, this is a two hundred dollar job!” Mr. Hartley’s straight shooter baritone reaches down my throat all the way to my seventeen year old balls and squeezes hard. “Wow,” […]

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The Making of an American Hero: Donovan’s Transformation From Landycakes to Landon the Man

Landycakes. That used to be Landon Donovan’s nickname. As often as he was acknowledged as one of the most talented soccer players America has ever produced, historically he was also perceived as being soft, petulant, churlish, a bit of a puff pastry. He was criticized for wilting when the spotlight got hot, shining only during […]

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Amital Etzioni: Why Are You Saying Such Nasty Things About Whores?

Shame on you, Amital Etzioni, for the antiquated, insulting and frankly dangerous ideas you trot out like dead horses to flog in your recent essay on the review of the anthology Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys. Yes, of course, some people are enslaved in the world of sex-4-$. Just as they are in […]

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The Whore Wars

It took me a quarter of a century to transition from teenage rent boy to best-selling author, but soon after I did, I was invited into the office of the prominent book agent. “David,” he said as he leaned back in his air ergonomic Aeron chair, “whatever you do, don’t get stuck in the sex […]

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Shame on Joe Paterno & Penn State & a Plea to Abused Kids From a Rape Survivor

 I was raped. By a large, athletic, violent man. I was young, naïve, and defenseless. Being the victim of this unspeakable violence destroyed the kid I was. Every single day I am internally tortured by this abuse I survived over three decades ago. I became a drug addict. I tormented everyone who was stupid enough […]

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Tripping the Light Fantastic, or How I Learned to Play Hockey on Acid

At 16 I’m shipped away to Boarding School for my sins.  The school is full of bright, gifted, spindled, folded, and mutilated teenagers, almost all of whom have been kicked of at least 1, if not several, other institutions of learning.  Believe me, I fit right in at Boarding School. We have the worst hockey […]

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The Birthing of Olive Annabell Maureen Sterry, or How My Daughter Got Born

Olive Annabell Maureen Sterry was determined to make an immediate splash, which she did by making her mother’s water break at five o’clock in the morning on September 11. Olive’s due date was September 5 so technically she was a week late, although obviously the due date is an artificial construct of a society that […]

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Pornstar Mustache: The Snowman, Cocaine & Me @ Chippendales

Cockwalking Snowman, the hottest of the hot, shows how coke was to the 80’s what a dry martini was to the 50’s. Video Book excerpt from “Master of Ceremonies: The True Story of Love, Murder, Roller Skates & Chippendales”. Buy the Book! Press Release! Cherry Bleeds Interview! Great Review of Unzipped by The Independent 60 […]

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Gayle Shanks of Changing Hands Bookstore on How Writers Can Work with Booksellers to Achieve Success

“We change every day in small and large ways. We respond to trends, to our customers’ suggestions, to our employees ideas, to our community’s desires.” Gayle Shanks, Changing Hands Bookstore

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Caroline Leavitt with The Book Doctors

Caroline Leavitt On Overcoming Nasty Writing Teachers, How to Write a Bestseller and Never Giving Up

Never give up, says Caroline Leavitt.

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David Henry Sterry on Salon: How Writing a Book Led to the Love of my Life

My first piece on Salon.  Thanks to Arielle Eckstut. To read on Salon click here: “You should stop writing these stupid movie scripts and write about your life, it’s so much more interesting.” Janine, my hypnotherapist, was not being unkind. She just had no filter. And she was right. That was the most infuriating […]

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The Book Doctors talk with Powell’s Kevin Sampsell about Publishing, Bookselling & Writing

We first met Kevin Sampsell when David did his tour for his first memoir Chicken. On his Portland stop, David was scheduled to read at Powell’s, one of the great bookstores not only in America, but in the known universe. He went to college in Portland, and started going to Powell’s when he was an […]

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The Book Doctors with Smashwords Mark Coker on e-Books, Good Writing & Bad Mistakes

  I first met Mark Coker over the Internet. Which seems appropriate, given how he has done such great things for writers in the world of ebooks. I was trying to upload a book onto his company’s website, Smashwords. I have a problem formatting files. I’m very bad at it. It’s a weakness. I’m not […]

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