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3 weeks in England

3 weeks in England and it only rained three times which I take as sign from god that we are leading a blessed life. From london to bath to yeovil to chester to ilkley to howarth to yorkshire to newcastle to edinborough back to newcastle back to london. The vast barren expanses of the lonely […]

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Chicken in “A page-turner”

“Terrifically readable… Sterry’s an adventurer who happens to feel and think deeply. He’s written a thoroughly absorbing story sensitively and with great compassion… A page-turner… This is a strange story told easily and well.” — Eileen Berdon, To see more & buy book, click here.

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What People Said About Chicken: A-1 Ho Show

Chicken: A 1-Ho Show “The show was great to see! David is an awesome performer/actor/writer. Pure poetry in motion. Nice to finally get the hetero male perspective of sex work.” – Annie Sprinkles. *** “The show was absolute amazing and to let me know if he’s showing it again as I’d love to invite more […]

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The San Francisco Weekly on Chicken: “Humor, energy, & a sharp eye

“Sterry tells a sad and harrowing story with humor, energy, and a sharp eye for the sort of characters an ‘industrial sex technician’ might meet in the weird aftermath of the ‘60s.” — Michael Scott Moore, The San Francisco Weekly (Theater section)   To buy Chicken, click here.  

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The San Francisco Examiner on Chicken: “A Rare Pleasure”

“Experiencing [Sterry’s] natural ear for rhythm and timing, we are reminded of what a rare pleasure it is to see a writer perform his own work. Much like beat poetry, Sterry’s carefully crafted, simple language infuses mundane situations with dream-like profundity…Sterry’s portrayal of his 17-year-old self is immediately honest and believable. In fact, the character’s […]

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Chicken Review: “Dark wit and considerable compassion… wickedly funny, baroque”

“Jawdropping… Even as confessional memoirs go, David Sterry’s Chicken stands out from the rest. Alternately farcical, grotesque, brutal and sad… A carefully crafted piece of work… Gives the famous encounter between Dennis Hopper and Isabella Rossellini in “Blue Velvet” a run for its money.” “Dark wit and considerable compassion… wickedly funny, baroque… sadly, even touchingly […]

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Spectator Magazine Dr. Carol Queen on Chicken: “Super-readable roller coaster”all

“His memoir is a super-readable roller coaster — the story of a young man who sees more of the sexual world in one year than most people ever do.” — Dr. Carol Queen, Spectator Magazine To buy Chicken click here.

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Readers Write About Chicken: “Like Kerouac, I HAD to read it in one sitting”

Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent – to buy click here. Incredible… your book, it’s like Kerouac. I loved it so much, I HAD to read it in one sitting. I can’t wait for the next book. I really can’t express how splendid, wonderful, excellent, clever…. (I’m running out of adjectives) your presentation […]

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The Observer on Chicken: “Very funny. A side of the sex-worker’s story that’s rarely heard”

“It’s a breezy read, pleasingly free of self-pity. Sterry judges the tone carefully. He’s unflinching and perceptive without being mawkish, and often very funny. And the side of the sex-worker’s story he tells is a rarely heard one. — The Observer To buy Chicken click here.

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