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Chicken in “A page-turner”

“Terrifically readable… Sterry’s an adventurer who happens to feel and think deeply. He’s written a thoroughly absorbing story sensitively and with great compassion… A page-turner… This is a strange story told easily and well.” — Eileen Berdon, To see more & buy book, click here.

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What People Said About Chicken: A-1 Ho Show

Chicken: A 1-Ho Show “The show was great to see! David is an awesome performer/actor/writer. Pure poetry in motion. Nice to finally get the hetero male perspective of sex work.” – Annie Sprinkles. *** “The show was absolute amazing and to let me know if he’s showing it again as I’d love to invite more […]

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The San Francisco Weekly on Chicken: “Humor, energy, & a sharp eye

“Sterry tells a sad and harrowing story with humor, energy, and a sharp eye for the sort of characters an ‘industrial sex technician’ might meet in the weird aftermath of the ‘60s.” — Michael Scott Moore, The San Francisco Weekly (Theater section)   To buy Chicken, click here.  

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The San Francisco Examiner on Chicken: “A Rare Pleasure”

“Experiencing [Sterry’s] natural ear for rhythm and timing, we are reminded of what a rare pleasure it is to see a writer perform his own work. Much like beat poetry, Sterry’s carefully crafted, simple language infuses mundane situations with dream-like profundity…Sterry’s portrayal of his 17-year-old self is immediately honest and believable. In fact, the character’s […]

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Chicken Review: “Dark wit and considerable compassion… wickedly funny, baroque”

“Jawdropping… Even as confessional memoirs go, David Sterry’s Chicken stands out from the rest. Alternately farcical, grotesque, brutal and sad… A carefully crafted piece of work… Gives the famous encounter between Dennis Hopper and Isabella Rossellini in “Blue Velvet” a run for its money.” “Dark wit and considerable compassion… wickedly funny, baroque… sadly, even touchingly […]

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Spectator Magazine Dr. Carol Queen on Chicken: “Super-readable roller coaster”all

“His memoir is a super-readable roller coaster — the story of a young man who sees more of the sexual world in one year than most people ever do.” — Dr. Carol Queen, Spectator Magazine To buy Chicken click here.

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Readers Write About Chicken: “Like Kerouac, I HAD to read it in one sitting”

Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent – to buy click here. Incredible… your book, it’s like Kerouac. I loved it so much, I HAD to read it in one sitting. I can’t wait for the next book. I really can’t express how splendid, wonderful, excellent, clever…. (I’m running out of adjectives) your presentation […]

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The Observer on Chicken: “Very funny. A side of the sex-worker’s story that’s rarely heard”

“It’s a breezy read, pleasingly free of self-pity. Sterry judges the tone carefully. He’s unflinching and perceptive without being mawkish, and often very funny. And the side of the sex-worker’s story he tells is a rarely heard one. — The Observer To buy Chicken click here.

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