5 Minute Erotica

5minerotica_japan.jpg日常生活のなかで、ふと燃えあがるエロティックな妄想。それを、さまざまな作家がごくごく短いショートショートに結晶させました。じつは女性に向けて作ら れた本ですが、もちろん男性読者の心にも火をつける作品ばかり。それだけではありません。恋人といっしょに読めば、なお世界が広がるでしょう!

About David Sterry

David Henry Sterry is the author of 16 books, a performer, muckraker, educator, book editor, activist, and book doctor. His first memoir, Chicken, was an international bestseller, and has been translated into 10 languages. “As laconic as Dashiell Hammett, as viscerally hallucinogenic as Hunter S Thompson. Sex, violence, drugs, love, hate, and great writing, what more could you ask for?” – The Irish Times.


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